Village Hall Management Committee  

At the AGM on the 4th May 2021 the following Trustees were elected to manage the Village Hall.  

Jock Rainey: VH Chair

Ann Lord: Wolston WI (Minutes Secretary)

Melissa Ralph: St. Margaret’s Church

Amanda Thompson: Bryan School of Dancing

Jann Owen: Wolston WI (Treasurer) 

Laurie Wright: Neighborhood Development Plan

Tracie Ball: Wolston Parish Council (Vice Chair)

Graham Tyler: Resident of Wolston

Margaret Carney: Resident of Wolston 



Village Hall AGM

The 2021 AGM of the Village Hall was held on 4th May.
Papers presented at the AGM are listed below.  

The agenda for the meeting is here

Minutes of previous meetings are here

The minutes of the previous AGM are here  

The accounts for 2021 are here  

 Brandon & Wolston Village Hall

  Wolston Village Hall
68 Main Street



         The Village Hall is available for hire for parties and other functions. For further details contact: or call Amanda on 024 7654 5872  

 Below is a schedule of all regular activities at the village hall

Village Hall - regular bookings

History of the Village Hall

A fund to build a Village Hall was started in 1935. £900 was raised locally.


In August 1939 everything was ready for building to start on a Hall costing £2300 – grants of £1400 had been approved.

A lease had been agreed for part of the Recreation Ground in Dyers Lane, where the Children’s Play Area now stands, and this was going to be the site of a Village Hall.
(Area marked in green was going to be the site of new Village Hall )

The Second World War and post-war restrictions prevented any further progress.
Funding evaporated and instead of being able to build a new Village Hall, the Wolston Brandon and Bretford Village Hall Committee had to try to find another solution.

In May 1952, Dr George Campbell, Chairman of the Wolston Brandon and Bretford Village Hall Fund had preliminary discussions with Mr P C Chater, Secretary of the Loyal Equity Lodge No. 2565.

The Loyal Equity Lodge, part of the Independent Order Of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society, owned the Odd Fellows Hall on Main Street.

The Trustees put the matter before the Lodge and after a lengthy discussion the members authorised them to negotiate the sale of the Odd Fellows Hall. The deciding factor was the use to which it would be put, thereby adding materially to the community life of the village.

In July 1952, the offer to purchase for £2500 had to be rejected because the grants that had been available from the Ministry of Education and from the County Council were withdrawn.

In February 1954 the Trustees of the Loyal Equity Lodge offered the Hall, together with a piece of land at the rear extending to approximately 60 feet, for the sum of £1500.
At a public meeting held on 23rd February 1954 the purchase was approved.


Founding members of the Brandon and Wolston Village Hall Fund committee were:
Dr George Campbell (Chairman)
Mr Julian Hoare (Secretary)
Mr Bernard Page (Treasurer)
Revd. David Wingate
Mr Thomas Corfield
Mr H J Haywood
Mrs Ivy Matthews
Miss Constance Teasdale
Mr Humphrey Addison
Mr A. E. Rollason
Mr William Snell
Rosedale, Main Street
Priory Hill
Warwick Road
The Vicarage
Main Street
Fosse Farm
Brook Street
Main Street
River Bend, Bretford
Avondale Road, Brandon
Vicarage Farm, Bretford Turn
 Vilage Hall location map

The Odd Fellows Hall interior plan - 1952
(The Odd Fellows Hall interior plan - 1952)


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