Wolston Conservation Area

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On 16th July 1969 Warwickshire County Council formally designated an area of the village as a "Conservation Area".

In the analysis of the character of the village it was suggested that although the village does not contain a great number of listed buildings, "the variation and style and overall grouping creates a pleasing effect."

Trees. planting and brick walls help to continue the line where building frontages are interrupted. The whole street (Main Street) "has an atmosphere of complete enclosure with the trees and walls at the northern end being particularly prominent and forming a marked terminal feature to the street picture."

"The building line on the east side of the street has, unfortunately been broken in a few places although this is not readily apparent until approaching close to the actual breaks, The west side, however, has kept its line through the length of the street and the character of the buildings, the presence of the stream and some fine trees, make this an extremely attractive group."

"As the Main Street winds northwards the development on the east side breaks down further with the intrusion of modern buildings including a large housing estate and a particularly unsightly factory building".

"The large area of industry in the north of the village is completely out of context with the scale and character of the rest of the settlement. Fortunately, it is not very prominent as it is screened by the cottages of Avon Terrace and the mature wooded banks of the river so the pleasant approach to the village from the north over the narrow 18th century bridge is not marred."

"What is important however, is the area of land lying to the south-west of the road. This pleasant open meadow land has a stream and well used footpaths running through it and on down to the river, and the Church nestling in the north- west corner amid groups of trees. The area is not readily visible from the main part of the village and its presence comes as a surprise and contrast to the more intensively developed central core. The trees and planting in the meadow continue around to the south west and form a natural screen between the housing estates on the edge of the village and the open countryside beyond."

Rugby Borough Council carried out an appraisal of the Wolston Conservation Area in June 2010.