Wolston Brandon and Bretford Joint Burial Committee

Entrance to Dyers Lane Cemetery

The cemetery at Dyers Lane, Wolston is owned jointly by Wolston Parish Council (2/3) and Brandon and Bretford Parish Council (1/3). The cemetery is managed on behalf of both Parish Councils by the Wolston Brandon and Bretford Joint Burial Committee, a Committee of Wolston Parish Council, whose members consist of four Councillors from Wolston PC and three Councillors from Brandon and Bretford PC. The Wolston Brandon and Bretford Joint Burial Committee was formally incorporated as a Committee of Wolston Parish Council on 1st April 2018.



The Joint Burial Committee Regulations (September 2022 revision) are here.

The 'Terms of Reference' of the Joint Burial Committee are here. 

The scale of fees (2022) charged by the Joint Burial Committee are here 

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Looking at the Morturary ChapelHistory of the Cemetery:

12th January 1888
The Burial Board of the Parish of Wolston was authorised to purchase one acre of land for the provision of a new cemetery.

It was also approved and sanctioned that the Burial Board borrow the sum of £600 for the providing and laying out of the said burial ground and the sum of money borrowed to be repaid out of the future Poor Rates of this Parish.

21st February 1888
The Burial Board considered the proposed plan of the Mortuary Chapel and accepted it with the following alterations -

  • instead of Bath Stone some other kind of stone with a harder natureshould be used;
  • the window in the gable should be enlarged in proportion to the space available;
  • a bell should be put in place over the entrance door; and
  • the Chapel should be placed halfway up the Cemetery ground on the centre walk with the front towards the entrance gates.

28th April 1888
It was reported in The (Rugby) Advertiser that "a commencement has been made to provide a new cemetery, as required by the Home Secretary, and a piece of ground in Dyer's Lane, an acre in extent, acquired from Mr C W Wilcox, is being levelled for the purpose".

Funeral Bier photo31st August 1888
It was proposed and seconded that the question of obtaining a bier should stand adjourned.

6th May 1889
It was decided that a tender for the supply of a wheeled bier should be invited. By 28th May 1889 an estimate for a four-wheeled bier had been accepted.

22nd March 1893
It was proposed and seconded that a reading desk and 18 benches be provided for the Chapel.

22nd March 1899
It was proposed and seconded that the iron fences at the Cemetery be painted and the Chapel be match-boarded above the seats.

1st April 2018
The cemetery was transferred to the joint ownership of Wolston (2/3) and Brandon and Bretford (1/3) Parish Councils. 



·       The burial ground is accessed from Dyers Lane, Wolston and is open seven days a week, all year round.

·       There is a small car park located at the front of the burial ground which is exclusively for the use of visitors. There is no charge for car parking. 

·       The burial ground is not staffed.

·       There are no toilets.

The overall ground surface around all the burial plots is uneven and particular care is needed around these areas.

The Committee has a duty to preserve biodiversity requiring sensitive management of the burial ground.

Grass is cut twice a month during the growing season, weather permitting.

Paths of short grass will be cut throughout the site to aid movement.

Grass around the burial plots will be cut to maximise resistance to drought.

Areas of longer grass will be left around the perimeter to encourage wildflowers and biodiversity.

Visitors to the burial site need to be aware that weather conditions can affect grass growth which can be very vigorous. Strong grass growth between cuts may at times make it more difficult to negotiate areas of uneven ground.

Care is also needed when it is wet.

The Committee strongly recommends that visitors keep to the cut paths wherever possible.


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