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Community Speed Watch is a scheme. managed at local level through 'Community Forums', that trains local volunteers in the use of police approved traffic speed cameras. These volunteers, working in pairs at designated locations, then monitor traffic speed within their community. They have no enforcement power but do feed back the results of their survey to Warwickshire Police. Where appropriate the Police will send out notices to drivers to encourage them to reduce their speed in the future. Where drivers fail to take notice of community concerns, they may become subject to Police led speed enforcement activity. Three volunteers from both Wolston and Brandon have been identified, and will shortly undergo training, with an expected start date some time in September.

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Wolston Police Office

There is a Police Office in the Leisure and Community Centre. To leave a message for a member of the local police team call 01788 853851, and leave a VOICEMAIL

If your message is urgent or you wish to report an incident or crime please contact the Force Communications Centre on 01926 415000.

For non-EMERGENCIES - Dial 01788 853851 to leave a message. The officer you are trying to reach will then be in contact.

    For all emergencies dial 999