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Published: 27 April 2017

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Wolston Manor Spinney Project

Over the past 3 years a group of volunteers, Wolston Conservation Group, have been working to clear the area where the former manor house and garden were situated. (The Manor House was demolished in 1928).

In January 2016 we obtained a License from The Wilcox Trust to manage the Spinney and in August 2016 we became a Small Charity with a Constitution and Trustees.

The Spinney area had become very overgrown with brambles and self set sycamore trees and litter! The gate to the main entrance had been removed and trees and shrubs were growing between and around the pillars. The right hand pillar had become damaged and some of the stones had fallen out or been removed.

Our group of volunteers (10+) meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month from March to September and the 2nd and 4th Saturday from October to February. As well as keeping up with the maintenance of the areas we have cleared to date we have an ongoing Management Plan to clear more brambles and self-set sycamores. We will be planting more native trees, shrubs and flowers and hope to encourage a diverse range of wildlife by doing so. We are in the process of clearing the area at the back of the Spinney where the front garden and driveway to the Manor House were located and will create a new path in that area in the winter of 2017/18.

The pillars were repaired in May 2016 and a part of the wall re-built. It is hoped that the old gate, which is currently being restored, will be in place later this year.

We are pleased to see that people are now using the path from the Manor Gate to the opening at the school end of the Spinney. We will be installing a non-slip bridge over the ha ha with funding we have received form Comic Relief to make access easier.

We have successfully obtained funding from Warwickshire County Council and also Wolston Parish Council for the removal of many of the self set sycamores. We are also very grateful for money raised from the November 2016 Rose and Crown pub quiz. Earlier in the year we received a donation from the Baptist Church from money raised at the Queen’s Birthday tea party in June and also for a donation from Wolston Garden Walkabout. We have received a generous donation from a Wolston resident that will go towards the purchase of trees and hedging as well as donations of small trees and plants from other residents.

We would like to erect a signboard in the near future with photographs and information about of the Manor House and the gardens and a plan of the pathways and trees. We are hoping we will be able to obtain funding for this in the next few months.

We will continue to improve the verge area at the side of the lane to St Margaret’s Church and introduce more wildflowers and grasses. We planted bulbs in the autumn of 2016, which have flowered this spring

It will take a few more years to complete the project and then there will be a regular programme of maintenance.

We are very grateful for all the help from our regular volunteers and would like to encourage more people to come along and help us restore this area for its historical interest and for conservation and wildlife.

Our working parties from now until September are 13th May,10th June, 8th July, 12th August. All are very welcome to come and join us from 10.00-12.00.

Caroline Payne

7654 2626 or Email: c.payne1@btinternet.com