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Survey Results Published

Update - April 12th 2018

We have now received the detailed final report with an analysis of all the data collected from the 582 responses submitted by residents. The three sections of the report, together with the original questionnaire should you wish to cross reference the results with the original questions, are shown on the right.

This information will be extremely valuable to the Neighbourhood Plan team, as it will form a significant part of the evidence base that we need to support the Policies within the plan,

As part of the process for development of the Neighbourhood Plan it will be necessary to undertake a Site Assessment of all sites which the Plan proposes for any form of development. Work to identify sites which it is considered should be included or excluded from this process is currently underway, and it is expected that the first draft list will be ready for submission to our planning consultant for detail review before the end of April. 

“Our Wolston – Our Choice”.


Wolston Neighbourhood Plan - Survey

Survey Results

Original Survey Questionnaires


Wolston Neighbourhood Plan - January 2018 Update

Your response to the Neighbourhood Plan survey form was very encouraging and hugely
appreciated, with 582 completed forms returned.


Once we receive the detailed analysis of the survey results, this information will be used as a huge part of the evidence that we need to support the Plan - the results of the survey will be published in due course. And please remember, if you want to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan – and we encourage you to do so - the public Steering Group meetings, which are normally no longer than an hour, are held at St Margaret’s church rooms at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of every month. All residents are invited to attend and dates and agendas of forthcoming meetings and minutes of recent meetings are published here. We plan to continue our public engagement with a series of community meetings throughout the year and with an online survey targeted solely at local businesses, which is planned for April.

After a short break at Christmas, work on our Neighbourhood Plan restarted in 2018 with a review of progress so far. The Project Timetable, published here has now been updated to reflect current activities, and shows a target of November 2018 for the ‘Submission’ version of the Plan to be lodged with Rugby Borough Council.

Behind the scenes our work continues with small teams working at developing policies and supporting evidence in the four key areas - Housing, Environment, Economy and Employment, and Infrastructure - with professional support provided by a planning consultant who has a wealth of experience of supporting Neighbourhood Planning teams like ours throughout Warwickshire. Extra help for each of these dedicated teams is sought and always very welcome, so if you have an interest or just an opinion in how Wolston should evolve in the future, we would love to hear from you – see the contact details at the foot of this page.

Remember, that although our Neighbourhood Plan cannot contradict the policies in the RBC Local Plan, it can shape the Local Plan via the addition of detail that is pertinent to Wolston. When ‘Made’, our Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of and carries as much weight as the RBC Local Plan itself. It was this belief in our right of the ability of residents to influence any proposals for development in Wolston that led us to develop our slogan

“Our Wolston – Our Choice”.

Updated 20th January 2018










Wolston Neighbourhood Plan Survey
Supporting Documents

Although the survey has now concluded and our collection rounds are complete these documents remain available for download:

Letter to Residents

Map of Neighbourhood Area

Survey Form - for households

Survey Form - for businesses