Wolston Brook

Published: 03 November 2018

A number of residents have commented on the amount of watercress growing in the bed of the brook, and have expressed concerns that 'nothing is being done'  to remove the weeds.

The current position is that officers from both the Environment Agency (EA) and WCC Flood Risk Management have inspected the brook in recent weeks, from the River Avon right back to near the source. Their opinion is that the presence of the watercress indicates that the water is clean and unpolluted, as watercress will not grow in water that is not clean. They are also of the opinion that the watercress will not cause a restriction to flow during heavy rain as it will flatten and allow the water to flow over the top. The watercress was sprayed with a weedkiller by the EA in mid-October and will soon start to die back from the roots, following which the Parish Council hope to hold another 'brook cleaning party' to which all residents will be invited.

If you have any concerns about the brook please contact the Clerk to Wolston PC on 024 7654 5515.