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Flower and Vegetable Show

Wolston has held a Flower Show for well over a century and it is the intention of the current Allotment and Gardens Association to see that this event continues for another hundred years or more!

The show is an open show which means that everyone in the village, and beyond, can enter vegetables or flowers or produce or any combination of these.

Gardeners with stunning looking flowers or allotment holders with quality vegetables or villagers with mouth-watering cakes or preserves can all display the fruits of their labours for all to admire.

People often say that their produce isn’t good enough, but it must be made clear that the village show is not RHS Chelsea or Hampton Court and none of us are the sort of growers that devote our lives to growing cosseted veg or flowers just for showing.

The show is there for us to display “our best efforts” and in that respect one person’s best effort is as good as another’s.

So don’t be put off, if you have items of which you are proud then put them in the show and let others admire them as well. If you’ve got, flaunt it! Don’t be shy, we don’t have a class for shrinking violets!

Study the Flower Show schedule carefully and decide what class(es) you wish to enter. Read the show rules and guidance carefully so as not to find yourself disqualified and to gain the maximum chance of winning the class.

Complete the application form and hand it in to the various addresses listed or turn up on show day, or the night before, and set up your entries.


To download a copy of the Rules, click here.

To download a copy of the Show Schedule, click here.

To download a copy of the entry form only, click here.





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