PC Budget 2021

Published: 11 January 2021

Wolston Parish Council           Budget 2021 / 2022

At the Parish Council meeting on 7th January Councillors voted to endorse a recommendation for 'no change' in the Wolston Parish Council element of the RBC Council Tax, compared with the previous year. Even though the tax base for Wolston is reduced for the 2021 budget year, resulting in a reduction of precept income for the Parish Council, Councillors felt that the Parish Council should adsorb the reduction in income in order to avoid a further burden on residents. Provision has been made in the budget for funding of local organisations that have already made an 'expression of interest' for grant funding in 2021, and now that the budget has been finalised no further expressions of interest for 2021 funding can be accepted. Grant funding or other financial support from the Parish Local during 2021 will still be available to local organisations in the usual manner but priority will, as in previous years, be given to organisations that have already registered an interest.